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Teachmaster is a foreign language vocabulary building tool
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Teachmaster is a foreign language vocabulary building tool. It provides the framework for people who want to acquire vocabulary learning skills. Basically, the application itself is no good for building vocabulary. Actually, it contains no vocabulary, as It is the end-user who creates vocabulary lists that are then used. By default, the application's graphical user interface has two languages: English and German. You can also download any language you wish from the Internet.

Creating the vocabulary lists is not very hard, but it isn't the simplest experience either. You have to open the Editor and start adding words manually. You add the word that you want to learn, synonyms and translation to the target language. You can even record its pronunciation and save it to a .wav file that gets saved along with your vocabulary list.

Apart from the Editor, there are three other modes. The mode that is used for the actual learning process is called "Teaching Program", then there are a converter and a quiz mode, which allows you to take multiple-choice exams.

The application is in fact robust, but it takes a lot of user input to obtain a usable vocabulary data base. I don't know if you can download vocabulary files off the Internet. It would definitely make things easier.

José Fernández
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  • It is robust
  • Nice interface


  • No samples
  • It is a long task to add vocabulary
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